About Me

I had been thinking about becoming a video game developer since I had played one for the first time. When I was 13 (in 2005) I saw an opportunity to try it out for the first time: I installed Valve's Hammer Editor and started building Maps for Counterstrike 1.6. Very soon I got Half-Life 2 (which was very hard to get considering the german age restrictions) and discovered the seemingly endless possibilities of Source. In 2007 I had realised it was much more productive to work in a team, so I joined my first mod-team: Reflex Studios. The team was officially declared dead two years later however I realised what I wanted to do in life! A few years later I decided to learn game development professionally and started studing at the "Hochschule Darmstadt", which offers the probably best game development studies in Germany. Currently I am working as a Junior Technical Artist at Chimera Entertainment.


Skill Group
Occupation July 2015 - December 2016 Technical Art Intern - Chimera Entertainment
since January 2016 Junior Technical Artist - Chimera Entertainment
Education -2011 Carl-Fuhlrott-Gymnasium (Highschool)
2011-2015 Studying "Digital Media:Animation and Game" at the "Hochschule Darmstadt - University of applied sciences"
Languages German mother tongue
English fluent
Latin formally learned
Level Design Source Hammer Editor very experienced, deep understanding
Unity Editor experienced, deep understanding
Unreal ED advanced
CryEngine Sandbox basic knowledge
Programming C# experienced
Languages Java advanced
C/C++ basic abilities, understanding of underlying concept
HLSL basics of shader programming
Art Adobe Photoshop experienced
Autodesk Softimage experienced
Autodesk 3dsMax advanced
Autodesk Mudbox advanced
Autodesk Maya basic knowledge
Other HTML/CSS experienced


Name Type Team/Company Role Status Details
Angry Birds: Evolution Professional Chimera Entertainment Junior Technical Artist Currently in Softlaunch Chimera Entertainment
de_acceleration Hobby na Level Designer
Environment Artist
released 05th march 2015 See Leveldesign section
Steam Workshop
FoldUp Study 4 People Programmer released spring 2014 See Programming section
ar_summertime Hobby na Level Designer
Environment Artist
released 07th september 2013 See Leveldesign section
Steam Workshop
Cubicle Study 4 People Programmer
Level Designer
released summer 2013 See Programming section
Starwars: The New Era Hobby Invision Games Level Designer
Environment Artist
aborted ModDB Profile

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